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Maine Country Music Hall of Fame

by on Jul.15, 2009, under Ira's Accomplishments, News

Ira became a member of the “Maine Country Music Hall of Fame” on May 13, 2006.

The Maine Country Music Association came into being in January, 1977; at a country music club in Windham. Twelve (12) people who had made part or all of their living at Country Music put their heads together and formed the new association. The first president was Slim Andrews. The late Barry Dean and Slim were instrumental in drawing up the By-laws and Constitution to cause this organization to become a Non-Profit group. They also dreamed of a Maine Country Music Hall of Fame.

On the last Sunday in April, 1978, the first Maine Country Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Program was held. There were three (3) worthy pioneers inducted into this honorable society. From 1978 to 2006 when Ira was inducted, there had already been sixty-seven (67) inducted.

In 2008, the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame Museum was created. Ira is so honored to be a part of this great organization and to be a part of the museum, alongside his friends and heroes.

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